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Produktnummer: A2543
EAN: 4944925042270
Produktinformationen ""Active" DÄMPFERBEFESTIGUNG HINTERACHSE (1 Stk.)"
This completely new concept shock tower eliminates the resistance from the shock absorber
when the suspension is lowered, dramatically improving stability when driving in the bumnps
on the track, or on the curbs in the corner.
It also improves the stability of the rear in small corners that enter at high speed and corners
that require quick turning. The above effects are more apparent when using softer tires.
A2542 is for front, and same left and right. A2543 is for rear, and same left and right.
You need A2542x2 and A2543x2 for one car.
Eigenschaften ""Active" DÄMPFERBEFESTIGUNG HINTERACHSE (1 Stk.)"
Kompatibilität: MTC-2, MTC-2 FWD